On the selection of the material of the sealing gasket for the environmental protection of the snap ring

Do you know the choice of raw materials for sealing gaskets? Below, follow the Xin Yongli snap ring to learn about it. The choice of gasket raw materials depends on the mining, for example: pressure, temperature, media corrosion, etc. Commonly used sealing gaskets are non-metallic gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets and metal gaskets. Non-metallic gaskets, also known as soft gaskets, such as asbestos rubber sheet, rubber, PTFE, etc., soft gaskets for temperature, pressure are not high occasions. Semi metallic gaskets are composed of metal materials and non-metallic materials, such as flexible graphite composite pads, coiled gaskets, metal coated pads, etc. Semi-metallic gaskets than non-metallic gaskets accept a wider range of temperature and pressure planning. Metal gaskets are all made of metal, with waveform, tooth, oval, octagonal, lens pad, cone pad, etc. Metal gaskets are used in high temperature and high pressure applications.


Transmission industry supplier Yongli snap ring debut Binhai

The outstanding industrial advantage has become a key factor for upstream and downstream industrial chain suppliers to "compete" along the coast. Recently, the reporter learned that Zhejiang Yongli carring signed up to participate in the 8th China World Power Transmission and skills and equipment Expo (ITCE2012 Tianjin Coastal Power Transmission Exhibition). The exhibition is jointly sponsored by China World Trade Promotion Committee Machinery Vocational Branch, Tianjin Economic and Information Committee and Zhenwei Exhibition Group. As one of the two major transmission exhibitions in China, ITCE will be held at the Coastal World Convention and Exhibition Center from August 21 to 24, with a total exhibition area of 45,000 square meters. At that time, Zhejiang Yongli snap ring will bring professional snap ring and standard parts.

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